Dry Insect Food for Puppies & Young Dogs

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🐶 Our complete food for puppies and very young four-legged friends with proteins from 100% mealworms, the highest quality sustainable protein source.

🐛 Up to 25 times less emissions, 20 times less water consumption & 44 times less space required in production.
💪 High protein content & complete amino acid profile.
🌿 Natural ingredients & without grains or chemicals
⚖️ Vitamins, minerals & omega 3 fatty acids
👩‍⚕️ Developed with veterinarians
🩹 Suitable for allergy sufferers

Product information - Insect food

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  • Mealworm - the most sustainable source of protein: We use insect protein from mealworms kept in Germany. They are ideal for allergy sufferers and also protect the environment. More about this here .
  • Fit thanks to the eggshell membrane in the lining: It has been proven to improve the health of joints and tendons, skin, coat and the gastrointestinal tract and relieve pain in the long term. More about this here .


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Marc Lomas

Het eten is goed. Hoog insectengehalte (meelworm) uit Duitse productie (o.a. zonnecellen op het dak) bij aardappelen - ruikt bovendien aangenaam aardappelachtig en wordt goed verdragen.
Helaas zijn de stukjes met 6 mm een ​​beetje klein en behoorlijk kruimelig.

About HenArt® Premium Pet Products

Sustainable and high-quality pet food is our mission

HenArt®, based in the Netherlands and produced in Germany, stands for innovation and quality.

We have made it our task to develop more climate-friendly alternative food for dogs and cats, which consists of natural, sustainable and valuable ingredients. Our food has already been awarded and tested several times.

It contains an equivalent number of proteins and important substances compared to conventional feed (beef, pork, chicken and other animals). Furthermore, we are constantly working on additional, innovative and unique products that should completely and sustainably cover the food needs of your furry friend.

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