100% mealworm protein, grain-free & anti-allergenic

Dog insect food

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Anti-allergenic dry food made from 100% mealworm protein

Cat food made from insects

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Soy-based with beef or chicken flavour

Vegan wet dog food

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Supports the oral hygiene of your four-legged friend

Cow and goat milk snacks

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Insect pet food for dogs and cats

Our food is made from natural ingredients with high-quality insect protein from 100% mealworms. As a sustainable source of protein for your four-legged friend, insect food prevents intolerances in dogs and cats and pollutes the environment much less than conventional food.


lower water consumption


less space consumption


lower emissions

Our sustainable dog and cat food

For our four-legged friends, we offer a variety of healthy snacks made from sustainable and nutritious raw materials. Discover the selection of our food variations!

Your pet deserves the best food

Our HenArt® eggshell membrane

All of our feed products include our HenArt® eggshell membrane .
This is produced in a unique and special manufacturing process without heat treatment in order to preserve the original properties and quality of the different types of protein.

Many times less emissions

By breeding sustainable mealworms, our feed production causes only a fraction of the emissions compared to conventional feed.

Anti-allergenic and grain-free

Our food is made without grain and, thanks to the insect protein, does not trigger any currently known allergies and supports the intestinal flora of your furry nose.

Nutritious complete feed

The dry insect food contains all the important vitamins, minerals and fats that are important for a healthy skin, coat and bone structure.

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